The Eugene Bell Jr. Scholarship Fund


Thank you for visiting this website to learn more about the Eugene Bell, Jr. Scholarship Fund. Our primary purpose is to encourage promising high school graduates to pursue their dreams through a college education. We know the rising costs of tuition, room and board, books and other expenses can put college outside the reach of some young people who truly deserve a chance to continue their education.

The Eugene Bell, Jr. Scholarship is a $4000 award given annually to a deserving high school senior attending Claiborne County Public Schools who has a demonstrated financial need and has also maintained excellent academic performance. It is desirable that applicants also demonstrate prior involvement in community service.

A complete application must be received by April 15th. All applications must be mailed -- no hand delivered applications will be accepted. The scholarship winner will be notified prior to their high school graduation and the award will also be announced at the graduation ceremony.

The winner must provide proof of acceptance/enrollment at a junior or senior college of his or her choice. Scholarship funds will be disbursed to the institution upon enrollment. The winner must be willing to be photographed and submit an autobiography to local and state media, as required.

Scholarship Donations

If you desire to give a gift to support the Eugene Bell, Jr. Scholarship Fund, donations can be mailed to the address below.